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The Spa, That's You
So, where does one begin when opening a spa and, even more importantly, is the spa concept suited to you? Or perhaps more importantly, is your set-up suitable for the world of the spa? Here is what the spa experts had to say at a round table discussion held at the Beauty Congress in Lausanne in October last year: - 11 February 2009
The Role Of Therapists In Hotel Spas
When it comes to successfully managing a hotel spa, therapists are at a distinct advantage compared to other professionals who may be involved in these organisations, due to their training, which equips them with an incredible sense of versatility. It would, however, be illusory to rely solely on beauty therapists. Significant effort should be made to equip staff with management, administration and language skills. - 11 February 2009
The Top 10 Spa Mistakes
The world of spas is most certainly a complex one. There are so many aspects to take into consideration, and with the industry growing by a large percentage annually, it is vital to understand where the possible downfall areas of the spa are. This can often separate you from your competition and ensure the success of your spa. - 11 February 2009
Spa Treatments: An Ancient Legacy
Since the universe's very beginnings, water has been the single most important determination of life’s evolution, the foundation of all living matter. The human body, in all its complexity, is over 90% water, and more than 70% of our earth’s surface is covered by it. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the one thing universal to all people is an instinctual belief in water's curative powers. - 11 February 2009
The Wellness Industry
In 2007, 96 million spa-goers regularly visited spas across the globe. MKG Consulting has carried out a vast study on the following market sectors: wellness, zen, beauty, spa, health and fitness, tanning salons, senior citizens, wellness coaching, medicine and cosmetic surgery. You should find the results very motivating. Take note and use this information to attract and retain clients by showing them that you are up to date on the latest trends. - 9 December 2008

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