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The Hydro at Stellenbosch

Address High Rustenberg Estate, Stellenbosch, 7602
Tel 0218093800
Email reservations@thehydro.co.za
Website http://www.thehydro.co.za

Born of a dream, The Hydro was founded in 1972 by Cleto Saporetti and Dr Boris Chaitow. Their philosophy was based on the fact that a vital energy exists within us all, which continually acts to rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

The Hydro has developed programmes that are specially designed to assist nature in rejuvenating these vital forces. In line with this, our simple philosophy is to ensure our guests unwind totally. By following the recommended programme, the stresses imposed by modern living simply melt away.

Nestling in the tranquility of the Idas Valley near Stellenbosch, the magical woodlands and crisp air combine to make this one of the most beautiful havens on earth. Here, nature’s benevolent determination to heal and rejuvenate is equalled only by the warmth and dedication of our staff, whose primary objective is to care for you.

Your programme on a typical day may include a massage, Hydrotherapy, progressive relaxation, yoga, guided walks and water aerobics. You are also encouraged to attend the instructive lectures on diet, exercise and natural healing.
Naturally we place great emphasis on correct food and nutrition. A selection of seasonal fresh fruits and salads are inventively prepared using only the finest ingredients. Although no meat is consumed on the premises, you will be amazed by the tasty array of fruit and salad dishes prepared for your enjoyment.

The Hydro does not recommend a frantic exercise schedule. At The Hydro our qualified fitness team offers professional advice and personal guidance in the use of the in-house equipment and facilities. You can also book a personalised appointment with the fitness Instructor to help you formulate a personal health and fitness plan.

“Let your body heal itself.”

The Hydro has 5 basic principles:
* Diet to cleanse
* Treatments to rejuvenate
* Exercise
* Relaxation
* Lifestyle motivation

Naturally great emphasis is placed on diet - cleansing the system and giving the body a respite from modern living. Guests, guided by their personal consultant, are able to select their choice of either the balanced or elimination detoxification diet. Both diets emphasise fresh fruit and a varied selection of mainly raw vegetables and salads.

Health Tip:

Dietary and lifestyle intervention are fundamental to the prevention and treatment of illness and diseases relating to our modern day stressful life. To maintain optimal health a holistic approach to diet, lifestyle and coping mechanisms are needed.

Thus the importance of following a healthy diet specific to your own personal needs is essential and the scientific objective evaluation by the dietitian is necessary to formulate a diet which will help you cope with your lifestyle requirements.

Terms & Conditions
* Cancellations only accepted until 12:00, one day in advance.
* Additional bookings accepted until 12:00, one day in advance.
* Full payment is required to confirm bookings.
* All prices may be changed without notice, are quoted in South African Rands (ZAR) and include Value Added Tax (VAT).

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