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Kalahari Spa

Address 152 western service road, woodmead, sandton, johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel 011 656 4488
Email kalahari@kalaharispa.com
Website http://www.kalaharispa.com

When one thinks of the Kalahari Desert, one visualize red rolling sand dunes, expansive skies and a land steeped in rich heritage and culture. This magical Desert landscape forms the canvas for the Kalahari spa range.

Kalahari Spa was inspired by an extraordinary journey that started in the vast open plains of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Carina Franck, Founder and Director of Kalahari Spa International, grew up on a farm in the Kalahari Desert where the rolling sand dunes and expansive blue skies shaped her childhood playground. "From an early age I knew that the heritage of this magical land and its humble people was something that would be ingrained within my core."

Kalahari Spa has unlocked the ancient secrets of this mysterious desert, inviting customers to interact with its abundant treasures. Aside from the unique and indulgent range of body products, there is a treatment element which is unrivalled. Kalahari has gone back to its roots in the development of the 5 customized signature spa treatments. All aspects of the treatments interact with the desert environment and transport the guest to the sun baked earth where a myriad of wild, sweet desert grasses dance beneath the adoring sky. The massage movements emulate the rolling sands of the Kalahari Desert in a unique ‘Dune Roll' movement designed to create an unparallel massage experience.

The Kalahari Rolling Sands Massage incorporates heated Kalahari sand bags which are placed on the feet and lower back whilst the warm infusion of Soybean, Shea Butter, Hematite and Palm oil are lavishly massaged over the entire body. The customer is gifted with a hand crafted Ostrich Egg bracelet and a signature Kalahari Massage Candle.

As the summer sun comes out from its wintery hiding place, Kalahari introduces the Desert Glow Exfoliation, unveiling lustrously smooth skin with a personalised blend of your desired Kalahari exfoliation medium of Red Dune Sand, Desert Salt Crystals or Sun Dried Aloe Fibres. This combined with the hydrating blends of nourishing botanical oils boast a truly original desert glow.

The Kalahari express menu offers life's simple indulgences ideal for people on the go. The Kalahari Calabash Sole Survival allows one to sink into deep relaxation with a signature foot ritual that sooths away tired, aching feet with authentic Sun baked Kalahari Calabashes, included as your take away gift, and indulgent aromatic fragrances. Refresh and unwind with the delicate aroma of Tsamma (indigenous Kalahari watermelons)and an infusion of Wild grasses with the Kalahari Tsamma Hand Ritual. Surrender your mind and welcome the feeling of richly nourished and moisturised hands and nails. Complimented with an original hand crafted Ostrich Egg bracelet.

Escape with a deeply relaxing back and neck massage with the Kalahari Khoi-Khoi Escape. Enhance your experience with the Kalahari Message Stones as they deliver a decadent, deep pressure massage to leave you feeling renewed and uplifted. Your Kalahari Message Stones and an Ostrich Egg Bracelet are a keepsake from your journey with Kalahari.

Upon arriving at one of our premier spas, the client will be presented with a Journey Box which contains the four unique aromatic fragrances and a selection of exfoliation mediums so that the treatment offers a personalised experience worth remembering and returning for. Our Social Responsibility projects are at the forefront of the Kalahari brand and it's for this reason that we have incorporated the bead project into the individual treatment experiences. This enables each and every guest to contribute towards the lives of the Khoi San people living in the Kalahari desert and several underprivileged communities involved in the project. Spa Owners and Managers are given an opportunity to up skill their therapists as they learn new international styles of massage as well as the opportunity to create signature blends for each and every client resulting in consumer loyalty.

Each product is bespoke for and perfected in simplicity by focusing on the pure earthly goodness of God's given treasures. Carina and her team strived for perfection and every product contains a bouquet of pure natural plant oils making each product harmonious with nature by enhancing the true value of the desert and the plants of the Kalahari.

We pushed the eco boundaries with regards to the use of naturally harvested botanical ingredients and we were sensitive towards the deserts vulnerable ecosystems. We insist on using reputable phytotrade organisations and certified sustainable sources. All our packaging is 100% recyclable and the paper we utilise is recycled! All these merits contribute to making Kalahari Spa a pioneering range and the first to capture the true meaning of Africa in this extraordinary manner.

In the increasingly social conscious marketplace we have created a valuable platform for our various social projects. "The Khoi San people are close to my heart" says Carina and therefore our social responsibility towards them has followed naturally. Our empathy and understanding towards this nearly ‘extinct' society are positively reflected in the active path of awareness in the sustainable projects that we have initiated.

Our core social mission is dual fold. We want to preserve the precious heritage of the Khoi San people and our greatest achievement to date is our Kalahari Bead Project where we could create a sustainable craft project for various Khoi San families. This project not only ensures job creation but also focuses on social upliftment. In addition to our Beads Project we also support the small school of Khomani Khoi Children called Kooppan Playschool. Since our involvement, Kalahari Spa has installed running water, art materials and stationary to the school and we have gone to the extreme efforts' of preserving the almost extinct Khoi Language for the future generations. Currently there are only six people remaining that can speak the original Khoi San Language. Kalahari Spa ensured that this ancient language is taught to the children by one of the last N/u speaking people. An invaluable contribution for preserving a dying language.

It is certain that the Kalahari Spa brand will continue to lead the way as a superior eco intelligent spa range and charm the world of top international spas with an already overwhelmingly positive response. "We have successfully established a world-class product range by giving back to the unique environment of the Kalahari Desert and its fragile community". Kalahari Spa has set a new benchmark for the international spa industry and is destined to enhance the experience for spa goers around the world.

All of these merits contribute to making Kalahari Spa a pioneering range and the first to capture the true meaning of Africa in this extraordinary manner.


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