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Implementation of Management Systems- giving you the credible performance for sustainability you des

12 August 2009
Implementation of Management Systems- giving you the credible performance for sustainability you deserve
By Celeste Peters - TUV Rheinland
Featured in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Issue 37


Our mission statement about treating people with respect and dignity is not just words but a creed we live by each day. You can’t expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don’t exceed the employees’ expectations of management – Howard Schultz

Ever wondered why some companies perform better than others?  Why some have a better competitive edge than most and why some are doing exceptionally well during tough times and others are not?  These companies have achieved sustainable success.  How did they manage that?

They have implemented a system that works for them giving them the results they desire. Organized transparent processes become efficient and effective producing measurable results and continual improvements enhance business activities- this is the basis of an effective quality management system.  

Responsibilities identified create respect for all – guests, employees and managers alike and competent resources who have been given sufficient training and been evaluated are empowered to perform at their best always.  Management systems ensure that this happens because if well implemented and regularly audited on an internal and external level – missing gaps are easily identified and fixed.    

A reliable management system, which is effectively implemented, can certainly fulfill requirements for all role players from shareholders to employees. Efficient management systems support any company philosophy by continually improving efficiency, being fair to all employees and consistently improving customer satisfaction. By sustaining both shareholder value and maximizing the balance of customer satisfaction – good business management systems start evolving.

The benefits of an effectively implemented quality management system are many:
  • Transparent roles and responsibilities
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Confidence building and enabled comparisons on a global scale with certification from credible organizations
  • Potential significant cost savings from systematic implementation processes
  • Sustainable improvements through processes and structures
  • Motivated employees through improved communication and the provision of more information
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduction of business risks
  • Reduction of costs by avoiding errors
Clients who have implemented good business management principles and have an organized management system encompassing proven management ideals, which work for them and their processes, are reaping the rewards. Implementing a sound reliable management system is not just another paperwork exercise – doing it the right way could improve your business turnover and give you more than you bargained for. A quality management system ensures ongoing development through a continuous improvement process (CIP). A focus on quality becomes the basis for further development in your company and in the spa industry good service leads to sustainability – as guests become regulars and repeater  guests give you the sustainability you need to survive. 

Ensuring sustainability and consistency in any business operation demands careful implementation and consistent evaluation of all your processes. Turning customer complaints into an advantage by preventing the same mistakes from happening time and again can only happen if management see these as improvement opportunities and take the personal attack out of the issue.  By effectively implementation of corrective actions one can ensure that situations like these are prevented as one is thinking ahead and preventive actions will prevent this from ever happening again.  One of the problems in a management system is that the knowledge and contents of the system are not well known enough through the company and few take ownership or responsibility for things that go wrong.  Zig Ziglar powerfully puts this together so well:  “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes”. 

Many international standards are out there to assist you with management principles.  By making sure that good business practices exist in your business you can achieve that competitive edge to ensure sustainability and achieve profitability. 

Since 1987, the International Organization for standardization accepted a series of quality norms – the ISO 9000 standards, which have encouraged a new culture of quality within business circles. However even though many companies have become certified to these norms, many have not obtained the same results or the desired results which they expected once gaining certification or after successfully implementing their system. 

Becoming certified to any standard can only be successful if the implementation of the system if fully entrenched.  The implementation of any system needs to be a living one and experienced and changed to meet the on going requirements of your specific organization.  Having a management system can only enhance your processes and business if the standards are understood fully throughout your entire operation - from top management, though to your spa manager, head therapist, therapist and most importantly cleaning staff.  Remember you are only as strong as your weakest link. 

Elements, which have been identified as difficult to implement are:
Corrective and preventive actions, management responsibility, statistical techniques, process controls, document and data control, design control and maintenance of the management system.   

Lets take one area within the spa processes.
Management responsibilities – (commitment from managing members, owners, spa managers, and head therapists relating to goals and targets). Management reviews/ meetings - evaluating the business needs and aims and objectives are vital for success.  Often top management is not too involved and everything is left to the spa manager to get things going – however quality management standards indicate that commitment from top management is vital to support the process. Documented Minutes of meeting help you consolidate what you want to achieve. Lee Iacocca states, “I’ve always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team. “  Being actively involved and supportive as part of top management affords the system a solid foundation and encourages line managers to follow the example of a true leader. Top management commitment is essential.   

Requirements for implementation of your management system:
  • Process orientation- Measures always follow a set pattern or workflow:
  • Plan –do – act.  Monitor and improve your processes
  • System orientation- your company learns to understand the interactions between all processes. 
  • Recognize all processes are interrelated and linked to form one integrated system where they are controlled accordingly
  • Continual improvement
  • Ongoing improvement becomes the central goal for your company
  • Pragmatic decision making: decisions are based on the systematically analyzing data and information
 By implementing continuous improvements the basis for business development evolves:
·         Discover and overcome areas of weakness in your service processes
·         Adjust your offerings to meet customer requirements and gain customer loyalty
·         Win over your customers
·         Increase sales per customer
·         Improve your employees’ level of service awareness for the long term

Win over your customers – a level of service that only you can provide. Satisfied customers will always come back and recommend you to others. Exceed your customer expectations.

Centre your management system around your guest . Ensure that you have an objective, globally recognized certification which enables you to demonstrate your high level of standards.

For more information on training and certification of management systems please contact:
 Celeste Peters Tel (012) 349- 1351  Email : Celeste.Peters@za.tuv.comTUV Rheinland Inspection Services (Pty) Ltd
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