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4 June 2012
8 & 9 July 2012

Montecasino Ballroom, Fourways, Johannesburg

I have been publishing Les Nouvelles Esthetiques for 10 years in South Africa, and currently planning the 8th Spa Conference and Spa Awards.  However despite the planning and organising of the Spa Conference each year, I am amazed how much I personally learn and the deeper understanding of the industry I gain. - Dr Nadine de Freitas


So for now, I thought I’d share why I attend conferences like this, and why if you don’t, you should attend them too.


  1. Networking – If you’re looking to meet people who can help you answer questions about your industry, there’s no better place to do so than a conference. Get there early, make a plan for who you want to connect and reconnect with, learn and remember new peoples names, and don’t be afraid to skip a session or two if you get involved in an in-depth conversation.
  2. Inspiration and Recharging Your Batteries - Almost every conference has keynote sessions meant to inspire you to perform at a higher level or think about things differently. This is one of my favorite parts of the conferences I attend, because it gets me moving in the right direction.
  3. Knowledge Gathering - Most conferences have breakout sessions presented and facilitated by experts in their industry, in this case the International Staff Retention Workshop. You can learn a LOT from them if you take time to listen to the speaker AND listen to the people who ask questions, especially if they ask questions you have or questions you have the answer to. Don’t be afraid to go up to someone who asked a question or who needs your help and ask them if you can speak to them a little more.
  4. More Knowledge Gathering – If there were no sponsors, there would be no conferences. Most conferences offer time to interact with the sponsors, to ask them questions to learn from them, and to gather a little more information so you can learn more about them, all in a safe, low-pressure environment.
  5. Knowledge sharing – At the Spa Conference, panel discussions and question and answer sessions, allow for opportunities to share and expand your knowledge. I love to share, and it’s one of my favourite parts of a conference.


So, I encourage you to book your seat today at the Spa Conference 2012.

Theme:  Expanding your Spa Potential


South Africa’s leading educational programme for spa, wellness and hospitality professionals
The 8th Annual Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference is without doubt the largest gathering of spa and wellness professionals in South Africa, focusing on building capacity, raising benchmarks and adding value to the industry, in addition to the infinite networking opportunites.


The program is focused on helping delegates to better understand their business, master industry best practices and directly apply the lessons in their spa business.





·      Spas Professionals (Spa Directors, Trainers, Therapists, Managers

·      Administrators of health and wellness establishments

·      Architects & Interior designers

·      Beauty professionals and healthcare providers

·      Doctors and medical professionals

·      Health and Fitness Professionals

·      Hoteliers

·      Investors

·      Product manufacturers and retailers

·      Property Developers

·      Researchers

·      Wellness consultants



SA Spa Association Members

2 Days Spa Conference and Gala Dinner  R 2400
2 days Spa Conference –  R 2050  
 1 day Spa Conference  –R 1250  

Gala dinner   370  per person

Non Members

2 Days Spa Conference and Gala Dinner  R 2700
2 days Spa Conference – non- members  2350  
1 day  Spa Conference – non-members  1450  

Gala dinner   370  per person

Included in the spa conference costs:  Welcome tea, coffee and juice. Midmorning tea, coffee and snack. Delectable Spa Cuisine Lunch Midafternoon tea, coffee and snack.  Notepad, pen and conference catalogue.  Spa Conference Goody Bag.

 For more information or full conference programme contact Tel: 011 447 9959 or e-mail: info@lesnouvelles.co.za

ON-LINE REGISTRATION: www.lesnouvelles.co.za


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For more information contact the SA Spa Association on 011 447 9959 or e-mail: info@saspaassociation.co.za


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